A new Rom-Com manga recommendation!!

24 Oct

I love this Hajimete no Gal Manga so much. Thankful to the many translators and hope they can keep up the good work so I can read it every day. This is my first review about a Romance - Comedy manga like this. So, here we go!

From only the first few chapters of Hajimete no Gal. I noticed this would be a ecchi comedy manga. And so for it, there's nothing to do with the story. But the artwork in the first place, where they show close up of the girl's face, is truly good. It's not at the level of Prison School (which is possibly the best artwork I Have seen in all of the manga I've read), but it's much better than the typical cute faces you see in manga. Apparently, it's also the author's first serialization, so it's impressive considering that. I wish the boobs weren't drawn so oversized though.

Character: 7

Both the main character and the main heroine aren't your typical characters like in other rom-com manga, I haven't seen any silly nosebleeds (so far) either. I haven't seen "accidental" situations that lead to the female unnecessarily beating up the male. MC's insecurities are targeted well, he's not the "knight in shining armor" you expect from most romcoms, but still, has positives about him that eventually make you want to root for him. The other characters so far (not many) have been okay. Nothing extraordinary but not boring either.

Enjoyment: 9

The premise, plus how quickly things take off and the silliness in Numerous situations make this manga very enjoyable. It's definitely not slow, the pacing is good. It's light, funny, yet makes you want to know what happens next.

I actually saw the anime (currently being aired) first, just saw the first episode and I wanted to know what happens next, and my impatience led me to the manga. The interactions between MC and the main heroine are the best. Basically, it keeps things exciting in a positive way.

Overall: 9.5

This manga is the closest I've come to finding "Prison School" and "Skill of Lure" level of fun. It's not at the same level, but it is still ongoing and has good potential. It's not "hilarious" but has a Fantastic balance. I just hope it doesn't have overly drawn out dramatic arcs in the future like Prison School has.

For me, this is one of my all time favorites. But I don't understand something. There are several Rom-com mangas out there that are nowhere close to this amount of fun but are rated very high. So if you're looking for a very fun and good read manga. I'll recommend this immediately.

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