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22 Dec

Although the English localization of the series was discontinued, this poses no problem for enjoying the very first volume of True Martial World, since the novel consists of self-contained brief stories. However, it needs to be noted that these stories will probably only interest a very specific audience, since the subject matter and basic atmosphere of the show is rather unorthodox.

The stories all deal with death in some form--meaning that the character will soon perish, someone the character knows will soon die, or the character wants to die. Inside this quantity, the figures in question are all young, the age of early middle school pupils appearing to be the average. The single element that joins the four bittersweet tales collectively is the eponymous shinigami--Momo, the goddess of death.

While the overall atmosphere of the publication remains constant from one narrative to the next, the tone can vary a long time. As expected, there is certainly a lot of unhappy things that happen at Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai Manga, however, the figures often find hope, salvation, or even some kind of positive comprehension of their own world or circumstances. And as the plot of every story is overall quite straightforward, they are well-written pieces which for me personally at least managed to achieve some type of emotional effect.
The translation of the publication is a great one for the large part, and there are a few translation notes in the back of the book. What is perhaps most unique however is that the real book itself --its physical dimension is extremely little, intended to mimic the dimension of most light novels in Japan.

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True Martial World isn't what I'd call a page-turner or possibly a particularly thought-provoking book, however it knows should become candy and when to be bittersweet. Although the many protagonists have little space for character development, they are sympathetic and their thoughts and feelings are absolutely understandable given their situations.

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