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09 Nov

What would you do If your wife is a CEO? manga Recommendations!

This My Wife is a Gangster manga is so full of cliches that it's so easy to predict  what's going to happen. The main character is a Gary Stu and even though it's more or less justified since he's apparently some sort of God; the repetition of the same setup one time after another throughout over 180 chapters is starting to feel too much.

Believe that another antagonist is strong, or that another situation is truly dangerous, that it is ridiculous. Why? Because after reading the first 50 chapters you know there's no way the main character loses.

 So, it's useless for the writer to keep trying to make us feel worried about Yang Cheng. And about the romance... this My Wife is a Gangster has the same issues that I detailed above. It follows a predetermined arrangement, and no matter what happens, it seems it will follow it to the death. Unfortunately, that has resulted in a condition in which the main female character is
the worst one ever. Ruoxi is among the worst female characters I've "met".

Honestly, if she dies I could not care less, I hate all of the scenes where she appears, they're annoying since those minutes is where the feeling of the story after a predetermined arrangement gets stronger.
Maybe the Writer Believed that by making them Intercourse in chapter one he would get away with the construction of establishing them as a few in the epilog, but frankly, he could not be more wrong.

Even Mo has seemed to be great and has a mysterious character development in the  past couple of chapters, which just makes Ruoxi appears more cartoonish.

In my thoughts, the only problem in this My Wife is a Gangster is that Yang Cheng  will probably wind up with Ruoxi as his wife, which will be really sad. In actuality, Rose deserves that place the most, she has bet everything on Yang Cheng since the start. The same holds for Mo, however, the distinction is that she did not do it from the start.

But my major concern in here is that I have read just the twenty percent of this mangabat.com and there are still over 1000+ chapters left to read... is the author going to follow the exact same structure to the finish??? I just wanna scream out three words: O - M - G. Reading over 1000+ chapters of Ruoxi being the exact same will be really annoying. I would really appreciate if that didn't happen. I'm looking forward to the latest chapters to find out. If you are a fan of long stories and usually read manga online free then I highly recommend this story. Give it a go!

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